Showcasing our Talented Alumni

Malky Greenfeld

Hi, I'm Malky Greenfeld! I started out specializing in product photography but after a while It proved to be way too dull for me! Then, I saw Raizy's course and the ongoing support on the group chat she offered was exactly what I was looking for... I switched over to portraits since I dreamed of producing work similar to Raizy's. I have no regrets! I currently do indoor and outdoor portraits/newborn photography in Monroe. I can be reached at [email protected] or 845.587.1647

Shaindy Hershkowitz

My name is Shaindy Hershkowitz and I am a Monsey based Photographer. I specialize in newborn and family Photography. I offer studio as well as outdoor sessions. I can be reached by phone: 845-376-5054 or email: [email protected] You can also check out my Instagram page @shaindy_h_photography.

Sury Taub

My name is Sury Taub I am located in Monsey, NY. I always loved being creative and enjoyed taking photos of my family and friends, but something about my newborn pictures melted my heart! When I decided to do something with my passion, I took the Raw to Revenue course, I absolutely loved it. It took my hobby and changed it into a career! I'm a newborn photographer and you can call/text me at 845-570-1756 or email [email protected] instagram: surytaubphotography

Rifky Grosz

My Name is Rivky Grosz. I live in Stamford Hill, London and can be reached at [email protected]

Deena Rosenbaum

Hey! My name is Deena. I always had an eye for photography and was dabbling for many years before I made the move to turn my hobby into a business by signing up to Raw to Revenue. I decided to specialize exclusively in the newborn niche, capturing the beautiful first moments of life. You can find me on instagram @newbies_photographybydeena

Devoiry Fekete

Hi, I'm Devoiry Fekete. I live in Monsey, NY. I specialize in Family/ Newborn / Cake Smash / Upsherin photography. I can be reached at 845.422.1143 or email me at [email protected]

Gitty Kohn

Hi, my name is Gitty Kohn and I live in Lakewood, NJ. Photography has been my hobby since I was born, and when I finished school, I jumped right in. This is the second photography course I took, and I have to say that I learnt so much here that I feel like I'm done with courses. Before I took Raizys course I was a really bad editor, I had no idea what I was doing and kept getting frustrated. Now, after the course, when I look at a picture I see what needs to be done. I have an editing workflow, and I'm confident in what I do. I can be reached at 848-261-2472.

Tzippi Freidman

Hi, I'm Tzippy, founder of Little Photos Photography, located in Brooklyn NY. Before I launched my photography business I used to teach elementary school. Once I gave birth to my little princess and wanted to try to take some pictures of her, I learnt that its not as easy as it looks. I realized then that there is a whole new world of newborn photography. I started out extremely cautious and safe. I invested slowly and smart, until I learnt the tricks of running a true profitable business. In the beginning my pricing was what pulled people, but now a year of I started, its the pictures that speak for themselves. I believe that excellent customer service and dedication to your clients and of course the tiny little babies are what makes my business so successful. I can be reached at 917-231-5052 or [email protected]. To see more of my work you can view my website

Draizy F

I was always fascinated by other photographers' work. I love recreating/figuring out how to do things, just - better! I wanted to be able to capture amazing photos just like other professional photographers did but I needed someone to teach me. I chose Raizy and I am so glad I did! It was the best decision & best money investment! I can't recommend Raw to revenue enough. To see some of my work check out my instagram or visit my website

Chany Lefkowitz

Hi, my name's Chany Lefkowitz. I'm a Brooklyn based family and portrait photographer, using both natural and in studio, lighting. I love capturing the personality of children in their blithe and carefree world, and then turning it into a work of art worthy of prominent display. My business runs completely different now than it did when I first started out, especially after Raw to Revenue introduced me to the big world of IPS. The results are incomparable! I can be reached at 917-846-0684 or [email protected]

Michal kaye

Hi there! My name is Michal and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I've always loved taking photos of pretty things (think 100s of flower images 😉) but once I did a short online photography course, I discovered the beauty in taking pictures of people and I've never looked back. At the moment I work at 2 part-time jobs while focusing on growing my photography into a profitable business. My dream is to be able to do it full-time. You can find me on Instagram -

Arielle Strum

Hi! My name is Arielle Strum and I'm a family portrait and event photographer in Baltimore, Maryland. When I was in high school, my father who is a wedding videographer, let me play around with some of his dslr cameras. I was hooked! I loved taking photoshoots of my little siblings and friends. I kept up photography as a side business/hobby and improved my skills and got more comfortable with my camera. I've been taking pictures for 8 years now and I really have a passion for it! I love working with families and children to capture priceless memories. I also feel very privileged to take part in my clients simchos and take photos that they will have forever. You can check out my work on instagram at

Raizy Halpert

Hey! I’m Raizy Halpert 👋 I’m a commercial/ product photographer based in New Jersey. Here’s a little backstory on my journey. I consider myself a multi passionate artist. If it involves your hands and a creative eye, I’ve done it. (Think painting, sketching, photography, makeup etc.) Problem was, I started to realize if I don’t niche down on what I want to focus on, pretty soon I’ll be “the jack of all trades and master of none” So after a lot of thought, I chose to start picking up on my photography. I quickly fell in love with it, but realized if I wanted to start generating real profit and turn this into something, I’m going to need a bit more knowledge than a good eye. I signed up for the raw to revenue course and it was the best thing I did! you can check out my work on instagram @rheelstudios

Chany Kohn

Hi, I'm Chany from Chany Kohn Photography:) I've been in photography for almost a decade & I love it! I specialize in Newborn and Family photography in the Rockland County area. You can view my work & reach me through my website See you there!

Esty Rosenberg

I can be reached at 347.432.7976. email: [email protected] Instagram: @estyrosenbergphotography

Sara Zissy Kasten

I always loved photography but started doing it professionally "by mistake" ;) after taking a course in high school, I started shooting as a favor to family and friends but started charging when I got busier. I decided to set up a studio and through trial and error figured things out on my own. since I hadn't officially gone into business I felt like I wanted real guidance into pricing, client communication, editing and a lot more. I got it all in Raw to Revenue! I loved the course and the personalized help it gave me. I now shoot indoors and outdoors and I specialize in newborns and child photography. I can be reached at [email protected]

Mimi Weinberger

Hey! I'm Mimi Weinberger, Located in Boro Park NY. I never thought of myself as a photographer but when my son was 8 months old I started snapping and never stopped! It's been a year since then and with the help of Raw 2 Revenue I've made this my full time job! It's not just the course that Raizy offers, she is constantly sharing tips and tricks on Instagram and through her podcast...! I can't thank you enough, Raizy! I can be contacted at [email protected]

Etty Langsam

Rivky Glatzer

My name is Rivky Glatzer. Since I was a teenager I've loved taking "professional" photos of my nieces and nephews by creating my makeshift backgrounds and props. When I was in High School I took my first photography course and bought my first DSLR camera shortly thereafter. It took much time and practice but slowly over the years I've learnt a lot and become better at what I do. Now a couple of years later I offer studio portraits as well as outdoor photography for families and children. I do product photography as well. I'm located in Brooklyn and you can check out some of my work on Instagram @rivkygphotography.

Leah Melber

My name is Leah Melber. I've always loved photography and wanted to make a business out of my hobby. Today, I have a studio and I'm literally addicted to photoshop. I'm located in Boro Park and can be reached at [email protected].

Kelly Mayer

I basically lived and breathed photography my entire life. I see the world through the lens of my camera, but never did it professionally , I was always a stay at home mom , but when my youngest started going to school I decided I need to do something productive with my life , and that's when I decided to take photography to the next level, I signed up to photography school in New York City ,and went to school for two years. one day I came across Raizy painting edit and I fell in love with it. I did Raizy live course and a private zoom course and the rest is history. I have a studio in Williamsburg , I am a family and fashion photographer. my Instagram is @kellystudio Facebook Kelly Mayer website:

Trani Kupperman

I started out playing around with the camera about 5-6 years ago, just as a hobby. My mother owned a DSLR Rebel T3, and I loved the feel of holding the big black box. Slowly I noticed that I love the feeling of it, the thrill of capturing a little kid's smile (still what keeps me going to this day) and started doing it for people here and there. My favorite thrilling part of shooting is getting these little kids real smiles and personality. I also do events and some lucky newborns... I have and instagram page @trani_kupperman_photography I can be contacted at 845.521.8818

Hindy Bittman

I'm located in Williamsburg, doing newborns, upsherin, and family portraits. I am on Instagram @Hindysphotography

Yocheved Srulowitz

My name is Yocheved Strulowitz and I do newborn photography in Monsey, NY. I've been in photography since I was a teenager, but it was more of a hobby than anything else. When my full time office job became too tedious and understimulating I took my hobby and turned it into a career. I chose to specialize in newborns, because there's nothing like capturing those tiny little fingers and toes and cuddles and snuggles. I can be contacted by phone/text at (845) 637-4158 or by email @ [email protected]. The link to my website is:

Bella Weiss

Since very young age I enjoyed taking pictures:) I had my hands on the camera and took pictures of friends and family as a hobby. Two main things caused me to turn it into a business: We moved from Israel to NY almost 9 years ago, two month later my daughter was born with a very low muscle tone and we started a journey (a story for another time.. ) one of my struggles was to take pictures of her looking good and with the time I developed skills of how to take photos from the right angel to bring the best of her and the best of other children. Almost 2 years ago, my father past away from a heart attack at a very young age.. few month later I found my self using my camera more often, it became my 'comfort place' and I decided to start my business! but how? I had so many marketing questions that i could not find answers until I saw Raizy on Instagram.. and the rest of the story you know :) Im a family photographer in Rockland county, every photoshoot include wall design, prints and I will come to the client to hang their pictures. I guess this is my specialty. You can find me on Instagram @bella_weiss_photography or contact me at: [email protected]

Chaya Schwartz

I worked in special ed for 8 yrs, I really loved working with kids. when my family grew bh I was looking for something more flexible. I always enjoyed graphics and working with kids so I looked into photography. I started with photographing neighbors, and the rest is history.. I'm located in upstate New York, and I specialize in family photography, kids & newborns. My Instagram is cs_photo_studio and can be contacted at: [email protected]

Bruchy Lebovits

Hi it's me Bruchy, from Bruchy Lebovits Photography. From when I am little the camera was my best friend! I loved taking kids and playing around with whatever I had to create beautiful portraits. The results were awesome, as well as the feedback. All this gave me the courage to just dive in as a young 16 year old photographer! I can be contacted at: [email protected] Visit my website view some of my beautiful artwork.


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