Welcome to the Show. Expert interviews, mini goal crushing takeaways, and intimate behind-the-scenes secrets… to help enthusiastic portrait photographers turn ambition into action.


Ever since I was first introduced to the magical world of podcasts, I knew in my gut that one day, one day.... I'm going to host my own show.
Podcasts have inspired me in so many ways...  So I know it has the ability to impact lives.
My mission with the show is to provide flourishing photographers and female entrepreneurs with high quality content that will motivate and inspire them to create a career they love and help them crush their goals!
As it takes a huge commitment & hours of work for my team and myself to bring this to fruition...
I pray that the messages and inspiration you'll hear on the show from people around the world, will reach the right ears and be worth the hard work invested, so it can impact lives.
(At the same time, I want to ask you to PLEASE, PLEASE take a minute from your time, and review the show if you find it valuable.  It'll help us get the sponsors we need and reach a greater audience, so the show is successful.

I know your time is valuable... So I'm sending you a virtual hug and a huge thanks in advance!)

The show is a direct reflection of what YOU want to hear and learn.  So your feedback is always welcomed!




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