In these lessons you'll learn how to quickly cull your photos & edit them efficiently and consistently using Adobe Bridge, Camera raw basic, & Camera raw advanced plus free access to my own presets. This editing workflow will cut your computer time down in half while giving you a flawless gallery with consistent colors!

This new workflow will be a game changer for the average lightroom user, and open a whole new world of efficiency and consistency.




Whether you’re a natural light photographer, or have your own studio, this module will take your skills to a whole new level!  Lighting is everything. In these comprehensive lighting lessons I'll take you inside of my studio and show you exactly where to position your strobes for every possible situation.  You'll learn how to shoot on solid white, stark black, creative like silhouette, and those fancy halo effects. Solid lighting is what really makes a photo attractive. You’ll get to follow me outdoors with my clients as well to learn what direction, weather, time of day and shooting with a reflector looks like while I'm juggling different natural lighting environments.




In this section you'll get a thorough education in business strategies.  You'll finally figure out the proper way of pricing yourself. How to set up your price sheets for maximum profits, and a business calculator to know exactly how to stay profitable.  These lessons will also guide you through setting realistic business goals to achieve your maximum revenue at the end of each quarter, as well as all the LEGAL stuff around insurance, accounting etc.

These strategies will take you from ‘hobbyist’ to a serious entrepreneur.  I believe this is the core foundation to any serious business. The methods you’ll learn here come directly from my degree in business & entrepreneurship -I’ll share all my secrets and hold nothing back!




These lessons will go deep on all the important tools you'll need to know in order to create magical Photoshop composites.  By understanding the selection tools, & masks in depth you'll get fluent in creating digital art which will set you apart from the ordinary photographer.  This is a mini photoshop course in itself, get ready to explore the power of Adobe from a photographers angle.




The cornerstone of every business:  Sales!

These lessons will drill down on your unique editing & shooting style while helping you build a brand where your clients recognize your work immediately.

Over 12 different methods of marketing your photography brand and how to maximize social media platforms, so you can bring in a consistent stream of customers on your calendar by booking yourself solid with your dream clients.

Included is a complete guide on how to start marketing yourself immediately- starting with creating a stellar Instagram page, brand, logo, and even traditional paper magazine examples.




In these lessons you’ll get an entire new understanding and approach to fine tune your editing skill set.  You’ll learn to view your photos from an artists perspective and how to transform an ordinary photo into a fine-art portrait that resembles a painting.

This will help you set yourself apart in the industry and create masterpieces that most clients are excited and motivated to buy at whatever the asking price is.  (Think of it as a custom painting…)

You’ll also learn the science of color & how to identify complementary colors that work well in your compositions.  This opens a whole new world of hue & the power of depth in color. 

You’ll get my free presets and action collection for camera raw & photoshop so you can edit your subjects faces to flawless perfection, and more...



Learn the secrets behind turning clients into raving fans!  These lessons cover everything around automating your entire photography business.  I’ll teach you science behind smart and honest marketing, client communication, setting up systems in your business that free up your time so you can focus on growing it bigger and faster.

These include the exact email template package I use, software to speed up your scheduling, automated messages, easiest way to book your clients & set up their photo galleries for viewing.

You’ll also get access to the Time Management Toolkit - tried & true processes for managing your time as a solopreneur and a planner that goes along with it.

IPS- In person sales.  There is a science behind selling huge wall collections and heirloom art.  This is where the big money is at, and clients won’t be able to resist once you understand HOW to present it.  I’ll teach you to identify & sell wall art so you can rock those IPS sessions that will triple your income.


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