Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so confident, that this program brings real results, that I’m willing to offer a 100% guarantee policy.

If you submit the assignments, and you’re not completely satisfied, show me your work within 14 days of enrolling, and I’ll gladly give you a full refund.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED. READ THE FULL REFUND POLICY HERE:


I’m only looking for serious action takers to enroll in Raw to Revenue, my students are true go getters, and those are the type of people I’m looking to work with because they see real results.

You are NOT ALONE!

I was the same way when I started out - the label "photographer" didn't feel right and I felt so unconfident to charge money for my work!!!

After teaching hundreds of students JUST LIKE YOU, I've seen a common pattern.  A step-by-step roadmap is truly what gives confidence.  Once you sign up, I'll be your coach & accountability partner to help you run your new career with confidence and ease.


Inside of Raw to Revenue, I share my entire content planner as well as all my email templates and phone scripts have been deconstructed so you can follow it step by step and get REAL results. These are the exact templates I have used for my clients who ended up spending thousands of dollars in wall art collections.

Yes!  We've had a nice amount of photographers that specialize in products and events.   Business strategies run across every niche.  (Google a business course for your specific genre in photography, and you'll notice the core concepts are the same.  Lighting direction, Editing workflows, Pricing your services etc. are all the same.  However, since I am a portrait photographer, the examples in the course are all related to my field.

You will need 2 programs installed on your computer:

Adobe bridge & Photoshp CC.


Adobe Bridge:

Photoshop CC (9.99 a month plan is perfect)

Plus, all the hype & spirit  to meet your new 'classmates'

If you love acquiring new knowledge and would like to get access to the wealth of information that surrounds photography, you are still a perfect fit. We have quite a few students in the program that signed up for the exact same reason and simply skipped the marketing and business parts of the course. 

The courses are led by Raizy Ciment, founder, teacher, and photographer at Vivid Studios NY.

With over a decade of experience in running her portrait photography business, Raizy has to date photographed more than 5,500 families & newborns in the Greater Rockland County Area.

Her mission is to help everyone with a love for portrait photography master the skills they need to advance their passion & business.

Raizy is a NY certified licensed photography instructor.


The advance course is designed for professional photographers.  You'll get access to an online membership site where you can log in to the course using a password & receive a new class every 2 weeks. 

The 14 week program includes:

  • A solid education in Photoshop, Camera Raw, & Bridge.
  • Setting up natural & studio lights in your personal space
  • Streamlined workflow to process RAW files with consistency
  • All secrets & info to labs & software
  • Advanced photoshop editing techniques & actions
  • IPS (In person sales) training
  • CODB  (cost of doing business and how to price for profit)
  • How to creating fine art portraits to look like paintings
  • Smart and honest marketing to book yourself solid
  • Homework assignments and accountability
  • Lifetime access to course
  • Free membership to live Q&A


I’ve streamlined and simplified the entire process so that step-by-step you can make consistent progress and reach the finish line without feeling like you need to catch your breath.

On average, it’ll take you about 1-2 hours to watch the video training lessons in each Raw to Revenue module. We suggest you spend another 1-2 hours per week implementing what you learn and a little more time tuning in to the live Q&A sessions. Implementation and homework depends on your speed and style.

My best advice is to take it one week at a time and treat yourself like a client. What you’re building is well worth the short term investment of time that it’ll take to make it happen.


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