You are about to book your dream photoshoot. Here's what you can expect...

I believe a good portrait is meant to be a timeless fine-art that resembles a painting & showcases the love and laughter your family will share together for years to come. Therefore, my sessions are not timed. I'll shoot as long as it takes until we get beautiful candid portraits where everyone has authentic natural expressions. (Expect about 1-2 hours -hello, pressure-free zone)

Details like wardrobe styling is very important for those magical results. I'll help you figure out what colors work best, and also have a collection of basic hair & upsherin accessories.

After you book your shoot, we'll discuss your preference for studio or choose a beautiful location primed for the current season with scenic views perfect for kids to wander around & explore freely. As well as wardrobe colors, & dream poses for gift prints and wall collections.

After the session, you'll get invited to come down to my home (Or get an online gallery). That's when we will sit down together and decide on your winner portraits, custom design wall collections, albums, and complete your order.

The best time to photograph newborns is between 7-14 days. TO ENSURE A DATE BOOK EARLY. Schedule your session for approximately 1 week after the due date, and we'll reschedule if necessary once the baby is born.

Capturing your little one in these early days is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself! 

Throughout the session we go through a variety of different poses and make use of beautiful props, blankets, hats and wraps that I have in the fully stocked studio.
A full session can be anywhere between 1-3 hours long. This will all depend on the baby and what they are up to... how sleepy & alert they are.
This is a unique experience, so my goal is to have a relaxed atmosphere where mom & dad can enjoy the view on the couch with a warm breakfast during the session! 



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