Everything on the fundamentals of photography. The exposure triangle simplified. Composition, lighting, the science of color, posing, & more. Lifetime access.



This course is the foundation to understanding the camera, lighting, shooting angles, posing, & everything else needed to master the core concepts of professional portrait photography for camera enthusiasts.


The program grants you access to the exclusive WhatsApp community of graduates who share the same passion & excitement for photography.  You'll find friendship encouragement from like-minded creatives.


Includes instant membership to Raizy's live Q&A zoom sessions for continued support and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

The courses is taught by Raizy Ciment, founder, teacher, and photographer at Vivid Studios NY.

With over a decade of experience in running her portrait photography business, Raizy has to date photographed more than 5,500 families & newborns in the Greater Rockland County Area.

After helping hundreds of students master photography, her teaching style is simplified & straight forward.  Her mission is to help everyone with a love for portrait photography master the skills they need to advance their passion & business.

Raizy is a NY certified licensed photography instructor.


This course teaches all photography basics for enthusiastic hobbyists who are looking to learn the foundations of portrait photography.

The photography class is designed for beginners to help create a solid understanding of all camera functions, lighting, posing, framing, colors, positioning etc.

Rated as one of the BEST photography classes for beginners, this photography course has taught hundreds of students to create professional portraits. The course is broken down into bite sized lessons to help a beginner photographer understand the core concepts of shooting in manual mode, how to utilize natural light, and frame your compositions to achieve razor sharp professional photos with every click.

The course grants you instant access to the online membership site where you can log in dive in to the program at  your own pace. 

The 10 lessons include:

  • How to master razor sharp portraits with each click.
  • Understanding exposure easily for basic and DSLR cameras  (Shutterspeed, ISO & Aperture broken down in easy digestible lessons)
  • Power of the focus point & how to recompose.
  • Camera buttons & modes simplified for basic point and shoot pocket cameras.
  • Using natural light indoors.
  • Lighting outdoors.
  • The science of color, & white balance.
  • How to get gorgeous DOF (blurry backgrounds)
  • Framing, rule of thirds, camera angles.
  • Posing guide for all ages.
  • The best labs to print that print with sharp results & how to back up your images to your computer
  • Personal assessment to test your skill level.
  • Certificate of completion.

(Optional:  a hard copy dvd can be shipped as well to watch off-line.)

The course also gives you access to the support WhatsAap group and live q&a sessions.

You don't NEED the best camera to create stunning portraits.

BUT when you're ready to get a DSLR Professional camera... 

You want to make your decision based on:

1. BUDGET (The average is usually between $600-$2800)

2. If you're going to use your camera for business or your own family.


Raizy highly recommends the t7i because it's easy to start using for no-fuss every day, and you can  start shooting for clients with it.

This particular link is a great deal right now on the market because of the price and quality lenses they include. 


Raizy currently offers 1-on-1 editing workshops thru recorded video zoom calls.  

See details here:

  • How much support did you get with your other training program?
  • Are you able to ask questions from your instructor as you advance your techniques?
  • Is that group pushing you to grow to the next level?
  • Maybe you weren't as committed to completing the course because life got busy...? 
  • The main difference between other programs and Raizy's courses, is the success rates of her students.  You'll get access to our exclusive support group for people JUST LIKE YOU so you have the inspiration, motivation and friends who are going to push you to that next level.
  • As well as the live Q&A where Raizy will go live with any questions you have and teach Photoshop & editing techniques so you get consistent help when you're stuck and master the basic and advance courses.


"I’m currently taking Raizy’s basic course and HAD to submit a testimonial even before completing it. Her lessons are packed with info that is already improving my photography immensely. Raizy is extremely dedicated to her students, very patient, and always there to answer questions. She teaches all information in a super clear way and has taught me so many things I didn't even think I need to know. The best part is the community support group where I get so many ideas from other fellow photographers! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn photography."

Gitty Goldberger
Brooklyn, NY

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