Come along and join me for a full photo shoot outdoors and indoors followed by a crash course on editing.


Creating Magic Posing Workshop 

This posing workshop is packed full of tips and tricks. Come join me for a virtual full day of shooting and watch as I direct a group of students on exactly how and where to pose my subjects: 

  • Indoors, using natural light
  • In the shade
  • Under direct sunlight
  • How to pose them as a group 
  • How to pose them individually
  • How I verbally direct their expressions and movements

Editing Crash Course

 In this one hour intensive crash course class you will learn:

  • How I cull my gallery to narrow down my favorite images
  • How I soft-proof my gallery in Camera Raw
  • How I edit my indoor photos to make them look clean, sharp and beautiful
  • How to turn an ordinary photo into a beautiful painted fine-art image
  • How to fix color casts (example, reds on newborns or green faces under trees)
  • How I incorporate actions into my workflow to make everything flow faster and smoother
  • How to download, create, and use presets 

My whole set of camera raw presets


Before and After Photos from this Shoot

Watch this workshop to learn exactly how I transformed these photos from ordinary to painting-like images!


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