How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Apr 27, 2022

During the registration period for my course Raw to Revenue, a very common question that came up during the consultation calls with potential students was, “can I become a successful  photographer if there is already such a saturated market?? How am I going to make it work when you’re training dozens of people in my community to work in the very same field?!” 

I totally get it! The term “saturated market” can stir up anxiety in even the calmest of entrepreneurs!

To address the above concern, let’s start by doing a little exercise to shift our mindset in a more positive direction:

  • Firstly, a concentrated market is a sign of a large demand! For however many photographers there are, trailing behind are a whole lot of families looking for their service. 📸  
  • I truly believe that each person will make the exact amount of money that God wants them to make. Nobody is taking away what is destined to be yours. 🤗 The sooner you realize that, the easier money will flow to you.  (Believe it, manifest it, get it!)
  • Lastly, often competition motivates us to push our goals and grow in ways we never imagined possible! This is what will keep your business relevant and sustainable for years to come.

And now, we're ready to dive in! Let’s discuss how to differentiate your brand and attract clients to your services. 

Define your brand

When there are so many people around you, the voice of your brand becomes very important. 

Which areas do you specialize in? Who is your target audience? 

Staying consistent with the message you put out into the world will help you attract the clients in which you wish to service. 

Remember, you are you. You’re not Suzy, the photographer down the block who’s been in business for 27 years & you’re definitely not Barbara across the street who captures stunning portraits of poodles and cats. It can be tempting to find someone else’s work and try to duplicate it but don't fall for that - you need to attain your own brand identity. 

Okay great. How do I accomplish that? 🤔

One way to set yourself apart is to know your “core values” - sit down, clear your mind, and think about which values you find most important to be reflected in your business. 

Write down what comes to mind.

Some of my core values, for example, are to 

  • To under promise, and over deliver
  • Motherhood and family always come first
  • To maintain clear and focused goals

You can refer back to your list whenever you need a reminder or a boost. 

When you define your values to yourself, they will show up in your business and people will be attracted to you when your business aligns with what they are looking for. 

Your clients are attracted to your core values.  

Build your audience

Now that you have determined what your brand is about and you have your values defined and ironed out - it’s time for your audience to discover you! It would be nice if overnight, people would flock from near and far and bang down your doors asking for you to service them - but… turns out that isn't how it works ;) 

So, how does one actually build their audience? 


Look out for PART 2 for five fool proof ways to build your audience. 



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