Welcome to my blog!

Oct 13, 2021

They say photographers should blog.

Well... when I looked into blogging way back in the beginning of my photography days, here's what I found on the web.

 Almost EVERYONE started their actual blog by excusing themselves saying how ‘left behind’ they are

with their posts... and how excited they are to get “back to it”. 

But scrolling further I realized they skipped another few months/years till their next blog, and then started the same way…

The excuses were just a sad little pile of procrastination l and I realized blogging must be a huge commitment.

So... NO, no thank you.

I really didn’t need something else to add to my never-ending list of photo editing, unanswered emails,

laundry, cooking, and amazon returns. LOL

But the more I shoot, the more I realize that I want more...

I want more than just taking some pictures, getting paid for my time, and calling it a day.

I value the people I meet, and the stories they share.

Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to extend the relationship & we stay in touch. (Thank you WhatsApp status!)

Other times, they just leave an impact... by their memorable parenting style, the way their home is tastefully decorated, or sadly a sick family member's last days with his children…

These stories and portraits beg to be shared. 

I need these images & stories to see the light of day -far beyond collecting dust on a computer drive. (Or on lucky days-hanging on a client's wall.)

I want it to reach places, and inspire others.

So yes, I AM starting a blog. However, it’ll be on my own terms.

I’ll only write when inspiration strikes, when there’s a fun unusual session that I think more people would enjoy to see... or when my own kids behave long enough to satisfy their mama’s camera addiction and it feels blog-worthy.

But I hereby promise myself to never start a blog post with “it’s been forever....”

Ok?  Pinky swear, lol...

This will be a fun little experience for the both of us, maybe it’ll even help with SEO, but even if there are no comments at the end of the post, I’ll be happy to have documented the experience when my clients give me permission to share... because like I said, I want MORE.  


What better way to jumpstart my new blogging project with Family Weider!

 Leah contacted me asking if I can do a photoshoot for the baby she adopted.

 Kids with down syndrome have a special place in my heart 😊 (My special brother, now 13 years, hates the camera... so whenever I get this opportunity, it feels like I’m replacing that itch to photograph him...)

 Shiela is soo lucky to have landed the Weiders! From the moment I walked into their home, I could sense the heart and soul that they give this child.

These parents were just oozing love and laughter and I could tell they are beyond obsessed with him!  (I mean did you see that shoe collection?  And it’s not even all of it….lol!)

 This innocent special soul has a loving haven where his parents spoil him to death and they’d never even guess how inspired I left that day.

That night I hugged my kids ever so tightly… Because one too many kisses never hurt anyone.