The Prosperous Photography Podcast

The Prosperous Photography Podcast

Hosted by: Raizy Ciment

This show is designed to help portrait photographers and ambitious women build a dream career through proven business and marketing strategies. If you are creative and passionate about crushing your goals pull up a...


Episode #8 - Goal Setting Strategies That Actually Work

Season #1 Episode #8

Did you ever set a BIG BOLD GOAL for yourself at the beginning of the year, and when February comes around... you're scratching your head trying to remember what it was? Even with the best intentions... 80% of people...
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Episode #7 - Real Talk with Raw to Revenue Photographers

Season #1 Episode #7

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Episode #6 - What's your Personality Type? With Shaina Keren

Season #1 Episode #6

In this episode, Shaina demystifies the art of how to figure out a career path by pointing out some helpful tips on how to really get to know one's self.
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Episode #5 - My 4 step editing workflow

Season #1 Episode #5

In this episode I discuss my 4 step editing workflow.  I break down the do’s and don'ts of editing, I walk you through the software I use, and exactly how to  develop a consistent style that's subtle & gentle and...
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Episode #4 - Dina Goldman

Season #1 Episode #4

“Challenge your ‘why’ and then figure out your ‘what’.” These wise words are from Dina Goldman, the founder & trainer of Brand Gym and my guest on today’s podcast episode. Dina is the queen of helping companies...
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Episode #3 - Common Mistakes that New Photographers Make

Season #1 Episode #3

In this episode I discuss the struggle of feeling stuck and the fear that many new photographers experience. All you want to do is jump into photography as a full time job - but the lack of confidence stops you. How...
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Episode #2 - Ana Brandt

Season #1 Episode #2

In this episode I speak with Ana about her lifelong love for photography, her journey to becoming a world renowned photographer for over 25 years. She recounts an embarrassing incident that she experienced and shares...
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Episode #1 - My Story

Season #1 Episode #1

Hey you! Welcome to the very first episode of the prosperous photography podcast!   I’m your host, Raizy Ciment & today’s focus is to simply share my vision and goal of this show as well as give you a little peek...
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